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Gourmet Safaris

Gourmet Safaris are great food adventures in Sydney, Australia and the world!

TIM Products have been welcoming Gourmet Safari Tours since early 2000.

From the history of the Greek sweets and pastries through to an unforgettable taste test, the tours are hosted by a TIM PRODUCTS representative.

TIM Products is the first stop of the Greek Walking tour of Marrickville. We are also part of the famous "World In a Day" Tour.

Greek Tours, with Gourmet Safaris start at 10:30am and cost $90.00 per person.
For further information on the Greek Tours, or to make a booking, please contact:

Gourmet Safaris
Web: http://www.gourmetsafaris.com.au/
Phone/Fax: +61 2 9960 5675
Email: info@gourmetsafaris.com.au

TIM Products tour package
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